Kempo Türkiye

Turkiye Kempo Championships among with the coaches/referees course, just ended successfully last week-end in Istanbul. This gold Kempo event, organized at the highest level by Turkish Kempo Federation, brought inside hundreds of turkish athletes fighting for the national title. This event have been super-vised by Mr. Amatto Zaharia, IKF President, and Mr. Yamato Zaharia, IKF World Champion. Special guests from Tunisia (Mr. Belhay Trifi/Mr. Walid Tahri), North-Cyprus (Mr. Mehmet Ingenc) and Azerbaijan (Mr. Mirza Mamedov/Mr. Rashad Pashayev) also joined in. Congratulations Mr. Halis Avsar, President of Turkish Kempo Federation’, and Mr. Tarkan Ozcicek, Vice-President for organizing such a great Kempo event. We are sure under this gold leadership team, Kempo will have a bright future in Turkiye. Respect all!

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